Features of Electro Pneumatic Transducer

Features of Electro Pneumatic Transducer
1. The Electro Pneumatic Transducer is a direct-acting (no feedback) instrument that can obtain high-power pneumatic output signals.
2. Beautiful appearance, ingenious structure, small size and light weight. High sensitivity, good stability, medium precision (especially suitable for output loop).
3. The mode of action can be changed directly on site. With span and zero adjustment device on the outside, it is easy to adjust and maintain.
4. A thermistor is attached to the internal circuit of the converter, which can automatically perform temperature compensation.
5. Wide range of air supply, suitable for various occasions. The air consumption is small.
6. The electrical converter can be directly used for different input electrical signals, such as 4-20mADC or 0-10mADC. The output pressure can also be divided into 20-60kPa or 60-100kPa. To achieve the above purpose, only need to adjust the "zero position" and "span" adjustment devices.
7. It can be installed at any angle (note: the working installation angle position should be consistent with the adjustment angle position).
8. Explosion-proof performance: intrinsically safe explosion-proof grade iaⅡCT5 flame-proof explosion-proof grade dⅡBT6. 7. The parts are formed by precision die-casting, the shape and internal structure are exquisitely produced, and the overall structure is compact. 8. The use of stainless steel fasteners and advanced plastic spraying technology has good anti-corrosion performance.



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